We are looking for data analysts

Are you an inquisitive quantitative and qualitative analyst? We want to hear from you!

Clever Together is looking to hire one or more analysts to support its activities. We are looking for people who enjoy working with quantitative and qualitative datasets and turning them into meaningful and useful insights for our clients by creating presentations or writing reports.

We are open to full time, part time or freelance applicants.

We work in the space of crowdsourcing and co-operative inquiry, where our approach is to conduct research ‘with’ rather than ‘on’ people, fully acknowledging their vested interests in improvement and the development of solutions. We give voice to thousands of people and enable them to transform their workplaces, innovate and take part in shaping the collective culture, values and strategy of their organisations and communities.

Job description

Role: Data analyst
Salary range: Competitive depending on experience
Hours of work: Open to applicants seeking both full-time and part time work, and flexible working arrangements
Period of appointment: Permanent position (subject to 6 months’ probation)
Place of work: The role is UK based, and you are welcome to work from any location you like. We tend to work remotely, but collaboratively. We also have a small office in Central London which you would be welcome to use. Occasional travel within the UK may be required.

About us

At Clever Together, we help people to understand and solve truly complex issues, to develop effective policy by seeking input rather than seeking agreement, and to co-create new visions and strategies with staff and stakeholders.

We help organisations and institutions tap into the collective brilliance of their people and to evolve through the inclusion of all voices in meaningful conversations about change.

We do this by using online crowdsourcing principles and technology to gather and analyse qualitative research data at scale and at pace. The fact that our online conversations are anonymous is particularly useful in ensuring ideas can be shared freely.

Our clients are public health bodies, educational institutions, city councils and a growing base of private sector organisations who we feel can be a positive platform for change.

We are a small team of people spread across the UK and Europe, working in a culture of trust and autonomy where everyone is encouraged to be creative, explore their talents and pursue new opportunities for the organisation.

About the role

A typical project for us involves designing and delivering online conversations – a web-based engagement where thousands of people reply to one or more open-ended questions in free text and then comment and vote on the responses.

Analysing this dataset requires both qualitative and quantitative analysis experience.

Examples include:

  • Thematically codifying the data, either against an agreed framework or from the ground up to identify the key themes and sentiment of the conversation.
  • Analysing votes and comments to understand which ideas have strongest support (adjusting for things like the length of time a contribution has been visible for).
  • Analysing participation to understand how representative the engaged audience is of the invited population.

As you settle into this role, you will have the opportunity to feed into project design and help shape campaigns and questions to be more amenable to rapid analysis.

About you

  • You love working with datasets and extracting insights from data
  • You are passionate about making a difference through empowering individuals and making organisations more democratic
  • You are autonomous and take initiative to explore projects in creative ways
  • You enjoy collaborating with others
  • You like small teams and non-corporate structures
  • You are inquisitive, analytical, and a problem solver
  • You are aligned to Clever Together’s values of being brave, rigorous, playful and embracing of difference

Required skills

  • Experience with analysing quantitative and qualitative datasets
  • Understanding of research principles, methodologies, and best practice
  • Ability to interpret large datasets, identify patterns and trends, summarise information, organise and write reports
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Strong communication skills and ability to present the findings of your analysis 
  • Experience in working with UK healthcare and public sector – an advantage.
  • Data analyst experience or qualifications are a plus. This means being able to work with or at least understand what is possible through automation of analysis and be able to work with our dev team to create functions and processes that can accelerate the analysis process.
  • Background in research desired but not essential


To apply

To apply, contact Teodora Zareva and send her

  • Your CV
  • A few paragraphs about why you want to work with us and feel you would be a good fit for the role and the team
  • Optional: Tell us about or show us the results of an interesting project you’ve worked on. Be brave and playful in your approach.