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Debbie Fisher is one of the Directors at Clever Together. She leads on coaching and leadership development approaches for Clever Together to empower organisations and create a lasting impact.

Debbie believes passionately in helping people reach their full potential. A true believer in the power of connection and compassion, she works with organisations and leaders to put people first, transform cultures and create great places to work.

Over the last decade Debbie has worked across the public and private sector in a range of senior roles; transforming and modernising organisations by developing strategies, business plans and service creation or improvement. Her approach consistently demonstrates an ethos of co-creation and collaboration through engaging with staff and stakeholders. She creates psychologically safe spaces that enable people to get creative, problem solve and work at their best.

Debbie has a track record of delivering a range of impactful and sustainable improvements having held strategy, business planning and business development roles, led wide ranging change portfolios and programmes, led on organisational design and development, and by building, training and embedding capabilities for change and improvement.

She works with organisations to shape culture change and focusses on developing leaders who are working across complex systems; coaching executives and teams to reach their potential, become high performing teams and individuals with influence and impact.