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Amy is the Director of Innovation and Psychology at Clever Together.  She is an Occupational Psychologist with a PhD in the psychology of innovation.

Amy’s driving ambition is to help people be the best that they can be at work.  Recognising that innovation is imperative, but inherently fraught with difficulties, Amy uses her blend of psychology and innovation expertise to help organisations or groups to work together more effectively, to co-create ideas and approaches for realising positive, innovative, change.

Amy has worked with organisations across the world.  At present, her work is predominantly focussed within the UK healthcare and public sectors.

Amy has many years of experience of delivering solutions to organisations across a range of business psychology services, and extensive experience in the areas of co-creation of strategy, developing innovation capability, psychological safety, training design, evaluation and delivery, quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, and behavioural change.

She blends a deep knowledge of innovation with her psychology expertise.  These combined areas of knowledge allow her to provide organisations with unique insights and pragmatic solutions for building innovation capability at the organisational, team and individual level.