Project name: Democratise.It

Objectives: Tackling global issues and advancing innovation in democratic governance

The issue that needed to be solved

Democratise.It is a new division of Clever Together, born out of the understanding that addressing the complex problems that face the world can only be achieved through connecting each individual’s potential to a collective process of learning, problem-solving and co-creation. With Democratise.It, we aim to apply and extend our capabilities in understanding and tackling global issues and accelerating the much needed innovation in democratic governance.

Why Democratise.It?

We bring people’s collective creativity to the task of solving complex issues and uncovering new forms of deeper and wider citizen participation in decision-making by the private and public sectors. We use participatory and deliberative methods, as well as proprietary technology, to facilitate the process of enabling people’s voice to inform policy, drive collective action and effectively address global issues.

What we do

We help our clients create and lead a legitimate and meaningful process of engaging with individuals, communities and stakeholders and turning this engagement into valuable insight, effective action and lasting practices.

To achieve this, we apply a multi-phase approach to engagement:

Мandate → Educate → Co-create → Act together → Hold accountable

We make it easy and compelling for:

  • local communities to involve their citizens in defining and solving local issues, and
  • individuals, communities, governments, businesses, and civil society to tackle global issues together.

Based on the project’s desired outcome and context, we help our clients choose and apply the appropriate deliberative, participatory or collaborative method and use the tools that best fit their needs, means and circumstances.