Futureproof your organisation to complex issues.

We partner with forward-thinking leaders to embed evidence, expertise, and lived experiences into decision-making.

Through deep insight and crowdsourcing, our methods, advice, and technologies transcend traditional consulting, research, and leadership approaches.

Understanding issues

Deep understanding for informed action

Understanding issues

We help our partners uncover every facet of the issue at hand. Anyone can do research – we build deep, collective understanding which leaders can act upon.

(Re-)defining responsibility

For marketing, data use and AI

(Re-)defining responsibility

We work with our partners to define what it means to be truly responsible and what it takes to make and deliver on meaningful commitments.

Advocating for change

Engaging stakeholders and building coalitions

Advocating for change

We support our partners to advocate for change and for stakeholders to come along on the journey.

Engaging citizens

For co-creation and democratisation

Engaging citizens

We convene communities to co-create understanding, priorities, and solutions to share power and decision-making.

Prioritising issues

For data-driven decisions

Prioritising issues

We develop models and technology to enable data-driven issue prioritisation and resource allocation.

How we work

Depending on your needs, we tailor our ways of working with leaders and organisations to build confidence and competence in three ways:

We mobilise and share our experience and knowledge

Our team has decades of diverse experience and extensive expertise that you can directly tap into.

We use our deep research expertise to build insight and strategies

Our research capabilities allow us to rapidly generate deep, actionable insights and proposed solutions.

We use our technologies to translate people’s voices into action

We organise large-scale participatory and deliberative engagements to leverage the collective intelligence of (thousands of) people.

Work we are proud of

We are proud of our collaboration with clients, which often translates to long-term partnership.

Case studies

Read about some of the impact we've had.
Responsible data use
We helped the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance – the self-regulatory body for the European online advertising industry – inform the next iteration of their governance programme.

We designed, developed and delivered the award-winning Your Online Voices consumer engagement. To ensure proper consideration of consumers’ needs and expectations, we created, moderated, facilitated, and analysed a bespoke, European-wide, bilingual conversation. The insights gathered from the more than 3,000 contributors will help create an improved, consumer-focused advertising experience in Europe.
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Citizen engagement
Together with Spasi Sofia, a Bulgarian NGO turned political party, we engaged citizens to spearhead Sofia's first Participatory Budget programme, worth €750,000.

Through a comprehensive communications, research, and engagement campaign, we raised stakeholder awareness and gathered insights. Our team hosted and analyzed a month-long online Big Conversation with nearly 500 citizens to co-create the proposal for Sofia's Mayor and City Council. We delivered three public insight reports that provide valuable understanding of citizen’s attitudes, expectations and approaches to building trust.
Read the reports (in Bulgarian)
Modelling for issues prioritisation
We help a global FMCG company better allocate resources to address global issues.

We developed a bespoke model to measure issue development, stakeholder importance, and impact on business performance. True to our mission, we built a platform enabling broader input of insights and data into the model. Our ongoing collaboration has brought evidence and a standardised approach to prioritising issues and allocating resources to addressing them. Clever Together Futureproof is exploring additional resource allocation and prioritization decisions that can benefit from this innovative approach.
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Responsible Marketing and AI
For over a decade, we have advised the Responsible Marketing team of a global food manufacturer.

We support them to understand and navigate the complex issues linked to the ever-evolving approaches to advertising, enabled by data and technology, and expectations by stakeholders and consumers. More recently, we have supported them to develop Responsible AI practices. Our insights and strategic counsel have guided them to make impactful changes, influence others, and gain recognition as a leader. Together, through the company’s reach, we've positively impacted people's choices, their partners, and society.
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What to expect from us

We deliver big impact through a boutique agency experience. From our first conversation to the moment we hand over, we are honest about how we see things and how we can help, giving our partners confidence in our ability to meet their needs.


Whatever happens, we measure our success based on the impact we deliver, both to our partners and to society at large.


Genuine interest is the best motivator there is. This is why we have assembled a team of experts with a passion for solving complex issues.


Where appropriate, we are light-hearted and fun to help generate the momentum needed to solve serious issues effectively.


Every organisation is different. We meet you where you are, without judgement, and do what it takes to move you forward.


Most importantly, we are good at what we do. We strive to give our partners one of the best agency experiences they can find, with integrity and rigour.