About us

A little more about what makes Clever Together tick


Our purpose

There are many more ideas, insights and lived experiences outside of your head than in it; more outside your team than in it. More across a community than in its ‘influencers’. Can you imagine a world where it was easy to tap this potential? We can!

Everyone in Clever Together wants a world that’s equipped to use the collective brilliance of people to tackle the complex issues faced by organisations, communities, society and our planet. This is the purpose that pulls us.


Our Clever Together Way

Everyone working for Clever Together has autonomy, meaning and freedom of expression in their work.

We don’t clock watch – we measure ourselves by our performance not our presence.

We use our Clever Together way – our values, mission and goals – to guide everything we do.

Our values – the standards that guide us

Each of us at Clever Together is committed to being

  • Brave
  • Rigorous
  • Playful
  • Embracing of difference

Our mission – our big challenge for the next few years

We want to make it easy for progressive leaders and organisations to improve performance and outcomes.

Our goals

Four goals keep us focused:


Our people and their 'families'

To be a brilliant place to work for our people and partners, that upholds our “be human” principle.


Our clients

To work with a growing number of leaders, organisations and communities who love what we do and share our aspirations and purpose and, as we do this, together we’ll help millions of people to be collectively brilliant.


Our community

To galvanise our amazing client base into community of interest and practice.



To ensure that Clever Together thrives into the future, ethically, leaving the world a better place than we found it at the beginning of our journey.

What next?

Our growth

As we deepen and grow our support for businesses, and local and nation-wide communities, our goal is to apply and extend our capabilities to help understand and tackle global issues and accelerate the much needed innovation in democratic governance. To this end, at the end of 2019 we launched a new division: Democratise It.