Speak-up, listen-up, enhance assurance

Introducing Tell Florence, our revolutionary software solution designed to transform the culture of speaking-up and listening-up within large institutions, such as NHS Trusts and Universities.

By providing secure, anonymous channels for staff and the public to voice concerns and share suggestions, Tell Florence empowers voices and ensures leaders not only hear but respond effectively.

With real-time insights via an executive dashboard, feedback loop mechanisms, and a collaborative crowdsourcing space, Tell Florence drives proactive leadership, innovative problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

Enhance safety, trust, and operational efficiency in your NHS Trust or University by adopting Tell Florence, where every voice matters and leaders are truly listening.

We offer audits and training to nurture a culture of innovation and improvement through speaking-up and listening-up.

Commission our expert advisory and consulting support to:
  • Audit your speaking up and listening up capabilities.
  • Get the most out of Tell Florence in your unique context.
  • Train leaders and managers to listen and innovate.
  • Integrate Tell Florence into your existing processes.