Align Staff and Make Leaders More Visible

Introducing Community Connect - your multi-channel digital destination designed to bridge the gap between executive leadership and staff in large organisations.

On the surface, by enhancing communication and engagement, Community Connect informs and inspires your people through dedicated blogging and vlogging channels that celebrate organisational successes and values.

Underneath, it empowers staff participation in decision-making processes through crowdsourcing and surveying channels. This leveraged collective intelligence for problem-solving and collaboration.

Our innovative platform helps executives to create alignment among staff, increase their leadership visibility and deliver a connection to strategic goals and values.

Community Connect by Clever Together - inspire unity through community connection.

Our advisory services and leadership development foster vision and values-led organisations.

Commission our expert advisory and consulting support to:
  • Co-create or reactivate your organisational strategy.
  • Facilitate culture change and business improvement.
  • Get the most out of Community Connect