Ignite inclusivity

Introducing Clever Together Safe Spaces - an innovative software solution designed to foster meaningful conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion across entire organisations.

By providing a psychologically safe, anonymous online workshop environment, Safe Spaces enables all employees to share their experiences and ideas openly, participate in regular pulse checks, and engage in structured "big conversations."

Our inclusive approach, co-created with our customers, ensures diverse voices are heard, delivers practical action plans with buy-in, and promotes a culture of inclusivity and continuous improvement across the organisation.

Welcome to Clever Together Safe Spaces, where conversation ignites inclusion.

Our advisory services enhance inclusivity and build psychological safety.

Commission our expert advisory and consulting support to
  • Co-design and facilitate ED&I conversations.
  • Co-develop strategies for an inclusive culture.
  • Train leaders to create and maintain safe spaces.
  • Help exec teams understand psychological safety.