Win through wellbeing

Stay tuned to meet Happy, Healthy, Here - going live in Q4 of 2024 - our innovative software solution designed to revolutionise staff wellbeing within the NHS and other large organisations.

Developed in collaboration with NHS leaders, this comprehensive platform offers:
  • tailored health assessments,
  • dynamic dashboards,
  • personalised wellbeing resources, and a
  • crowdsourcing feature to enhance collective intelligence.
Happy, Healthy, Here aims to address critical health and wellbeing needs, improve organisational wellbeing culture, and ensure every employee feels valued and supported.

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch this transformative tool that promises to make your workplace happier, healthier, and more productive.

Happy Healthy Here, transforming health into happiness.

Our advisory services support leadership to build great workplaces and analyse wellbeing data to deliver more bang for buck.

Commission our expert advisory and consulting support to
  • Get the most out of Happy Healthy Here.
  • Analyse wellbeing data to optimise support services.
  • Co-create and improve wellbeing initiatives.
  • Audit your approach to health and wellbeing.