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Best Place to Work is Clever Together’s bespoke culture transformation programme, developed in partnership with Health Education England (Kent, Surrey and Sussex) and applied with more than 20 Trusts across the NHS..

The Best Place to Work programme was designed and continuously validated using feedback and evidence gathered from hundreds of thousands of NHS staff in big online conversations across the country, spanning the last 10 years.

By using this feedback we built a clear picture of what staff want from their employer (the research identified a ‘dozen demands’), the distribution of ‘personas’ within trusts (i.e. the key factors in motivation and retention) and  build an excellent evidence base giving insight about what a ‘model employer’ would look like in the eyes of the people working in the NHS.

The ‘model employer’ approach we are using is designed to create a better place to work and embed a positive and sustainable cultural model for organisations. The approach can also be used to address important practical challenges such as staff retention, building more positive organisation and team cultures, staff morale and bullying.

If you want to learn more about our Best Place to Work model and how it might apply to your work, we invite you to get in touch.