Co-create culture & performance

The behaviours and quality of work we accept are the standards we come to expect from others.

How we personally behave and prioritise our time at work, when no-one is watching, reveals the standards we uphold for ourselves.

The routines, rituals, environment and “symbols” we use in our day-to-day activities, create cues for how we treat each other and where we focus our time.

The stories we tell.

The way we lead and manage others.

The experience we create – on purpose and by accident – for those we employ, those we buy from and those who use our goods and servers.

All these factors, and more, are baked into our experiences of organisational cultures.

At Clever Together, we know that positive, sustainable performance requires the co-creation and maintenance of a positive culture. This is why we help our clients to:

  • co-create a shared understanding of their own culture;
  • explore where their culture is supporting or undermining performance;
  • co-create key “strategic assets” that are essential for a positive culture; and
  • co-create shared plans for making organisations better places to work.

Co-creation and exploration of lived experience is key.

We blend our online workshops with leadership mentoring and coaching, focused on strategy and innovation, to help our clients consciously build their culture through deliberation and design, rather than through default and dogma.

Learn more about some of our work in this space by exploring some of our case studies, better still: get in touch for a chat.

Interested in reshaping culture and performance by helping organisations to co-create and live their values?

This is a service we’ve been called upon, time and again, to help drive people-powered culture-change within organisations.

The key to our success is to work with staff and stakeholders to co-create and agree shared visions and shared behavioural expectations, then to create and embed the necessary structures to help organisations use these new assets to change behaviour, together. From helping boards to rethink the routines, rituals, symbols and behaviours they use, to shifting the use of appraisals and selecting tech partners to help, to reviewing and addressing “staff experience” through the lens of values.

Co-creating the Leeds Way

Read about how we reshaped culture and performance at one of the largest Hospital Trusts in the UK.

Co-creating the Santander Way

Read about how we helped Santander to kick-start a new, positive culture that can sustain positive business performance.

Interested in how to create business alignment, en masse, by co-creating shared priorities with your people?

When large scale change is coming, you can either do change to or with your people. Involving the people whose lives will most be impacted most by the changes ahead creates buy-in and alignment. It’s not rocket science but it does take smart methods and deep analytics – easy when you know how.

We regularly help leaders to generate new, shared priorities with their employees, at scale and at pace.

Interested in becoming a better employer, creating a better place to work?

We’ve worked out a way to accelerate an organisation’s journey towards being an outstanding place to work. We’ve mined data from hundreds of thousands of our business wide conversations and distilled core insights – which show there are a dozen demands that staff have of their employers – and a new method to address these.

In short, by co-creating plans with staff that integrate HR, estates, facilities and broader leadership efforts, our clients’ people are enabled to set a new bar for being well-led, well-managed, making work meaningful and ensuring the workplace is fit for purpose. When they do, leaders get to work in partnership with their people to transform and sustain a new positive culture to underpin positive, sustainable performance.

Interested in co-creating a better culture post-merger?

Mergers and acquisitions work well on paper. Yet, the less visible issues of culture and behaviour always determine success.

We’ve helped the leaders of newly merged organisations, and organisations whose mergers have not worked well, to bring their people together to agree new ways of working and to define the future they want to create. The act of co-creation helps everyone to understand and develop a new shared narrative and vision for the future.

Watch the video below to learn how we helped five hospital sites come together to define the type of organisation they want to become as one merged Trust.