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Lidia is a Director at Clever Together and is responsible for leading the Democratise It project. Lidia is an experienced issues engagement consultant, passionate about how innovative approaches to democratic decision-making, collective action and complex systems theory can support addressing the pressing issues global society faces. Throughout her career, Lidia has advised clients in a number of areas, including international public affairs, multi-market issues management, thought leadership positioning and global strategy development.

Lidia has extensive experience supporting organisations to engage on the issue of obesity in an impactful, socially responsible way at national, regional and global level, including her decade-long work for a global food manufacturing company and a national UK sports promotion charity.  She has also consulted an international multi-stakeholder coalition in advancing strategies to tackle the issue of plastic waste at a global level.

Before spearheading the Democratise It project, Lidia held global roles in the communications agencies Edelman and APCO Worldwide. She also worked as Development Director for a national UK charity focused on childhood obesity, physical and mental wellbeing.

Lidia holds a Masters double-degree in European Affairs from the London School of Economics and Sciences Po in Paris. She is fluent in English, French and Bulgarian.