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    Recent years have seen a rise in public mistrust of democratic institutions alongside the digitalization of discussion spaces through social media. AI-driven algorithms on these platforms often prioritize extreme narratives, further underpinned by a surge in AI-generated disinformation. This blurs the line between authentic and artificial information, posing a threat to democratic processes, exacerbated by fragmented regulation and an over-reliance on tech industry self-governance.

    We’ve gathered insights from 15 interviews with global company representatives, government leaders, civil society voices, and critical thinkers and experts, existing research and empirical evidence, and over 25 years of collective experience. We explore the necessary conditions for the private sector to play a positive role in countering the harms of AI to democracy.

    In our conversations and experience, there is a thread that can connect the necessary changes.

    We call it an AI Issue Association.

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    Lidia Velkova
    Leda Kuneva
    Dr Peter Thomond
    Jake Hirsch-Allen

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    About Jake Hirsh-Allen

    Jake connects people and ideas to create social and economic impact. He builds public private partnerships to fight inequality. Jake is currently a Senior Fellow at The Dais and the Centre for Media Technology and Democracy, focusing on inclusive technology and skills. Most recently he’s been building public-private partnerships in workforce development and higher education for LinkedIn. In the AI governance space, he advises the Mila AI institute, impact investors, public sector leaders and start-ups.