Listening to staff during the COVID-19 crisis

At Tees Esk Wear Valleys NHS (TEWV), they have redeployed our technology to listen to their people during the pandemic.  By hosting a secure, anonymised online workshop, they have created a psychologically safe space for staff to share, discuss, prioritise and act upon requests for additional and improved support.  In doing, they feel more enabled to effectively support patients, and each other, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Within 24 hours of receiving the CEO’s invitation to join the online workshop, 300+ members of staff had joined, openly sharing 300+ ideas and comments to highlight requests and ideas for support.

Anonymity is providing a psychologically safe space, during this difficult time, for honest feedback; crowd support is driving a rapid transparent response from leadership. This means that all staff can see and understand each other’s needs and how they are being addressed.

Our simple solution was live within 36 hours and has made supporting staff simpler, faster and more visible. 

Online workshops from Clever Together have distinct benefits

Think of the best workshops you’ve been to. Now imagine that they were truly inclusive and safe to share your real thinking. Now imagine everything that’s shared is analysed fairly and better still action is taken. Minority voices get heard. Ideas not rank or popularity count. Our purpose-built crowdsourcing tech and method enables clients to run online workshops that achieve such outcomes.
“We can learn from staff and make changes rapidly​ during the Covid-19 crisis, thanks to Clever Together” Dr Sarah Dexter-Smith (Executive director)


How the client sees our features

Deep conversation

“This helps us have real conversations around the challenges we’re facing – it’s not a survey.”

Anonymised contributions

“Being anonymised means names are not attached to anything​, so it’s about ideas and solutions not politics or profiles.”

Easy access

"Our workshops can be visited as many times as our people want, 24/7​ for the duration of our workshop."

Transparent and inclusive

"Transparency and inclusivity are up! Everyone can read, rate and comment upon the ideas of others​."


“People can join the workshop from any PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone”.


The benefits our client reports

Deep conversation

“Our people share insight, evidence and lived experience about what really matters to them.”

Anonymised contributions

“Our people feel psychologically safe to share the ideas that they may feel uncomfortable sharing publicly​.”

Easy access

"People feel enabled to contribute when it suits them… and it gives them time to think and reflect."

Transparent and inclsuive

"“Votes plus smart analysis show us the level of support for or against an idea”​


“Our people don’t need to use a work device to take part – great for non-desk-based staff”​