Sustaining & disruptive innovation

Innovation is essentially the gathering of ideas, the selection and development of the best ideas, and the execution of the very best ideas to achieve your organisational or community goals. This means:

  • innovation is not “shiny new stuff”,
  • innovation is a process, one that’s only as strong as its weakest link,
  • the process of innovation is embedded within systems of support such as people and knowledge management; and
  • innovation is an enabler of strategy.

The outcomes of your innovation process can be:

  • “sustaining” in nature – whether incremental or radical they will improve what you do, or
  • “disruptive” in nature – in essence, offering something new that changes the way you or entire marketplaces do things.

Innovation can happen by default and by accident or, if you want more return on investment, how you innovate can be designed to deliver your overarching goals.

At Clever Together, our team literally has people with PhDs in the space of innovation – especially with deep knowledge of:

  • disruptive innovation and how this can be enabled by your organisation strategy, your governance, your culture and your processes, including the use of open innovation, and
  • the link between psychology and innovation, and how to create psychologically safe spaces for failure and learning.

Innovation is fraught with challenges, risk and failure. Much of this can be managed when the senior leadership team better understand how to create the best climate for innovation and are brave enough to embrace the wisdom of their crowd.

Few agencies rival our knowledge of this space, and we believe none match our value when you factor in our level of experience and the mentoring, leadership and crowdsourcing tools we offer, too.

Learn more about some of our work in this space by exploring some of our case studies or better still, get in touch for a chat.

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Co-create adaptive strategy Co-create culture & Performance Improve engagement Sustaining & disruptive innovation

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Co-create adaptive strategy Co-create culture & Performance Improve engagement Sustaining & disruptive innovation

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Co-create adaptive strategy Improve engagement Sustaining & disruptive innovation